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GXMO Thin Laptop 14.1Inch Laptop 8GB RAM 512GB SSD, IPS1080PLaptop, Intel Quad-Core(Up to 2.7GHz) J4125 Processor Windows 11 Pro laptops, HD Camera, Dual Frequency WiFi(2.4G/5G)

  • 14.1 NoteBook GXMO F146 -J4105GXMOF146 -J4105
  • Time: 2023-06-24 14:17:57
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GXMO14.1 inch Laptop Computer with Windows 11, 8GB RAM+512GGB SSD


Elevate Your Viewing Experience with 14.1-inch Full HD IPS Display

Our cutting-edge laptop featuring a stunning 14.1-inch Full HD IPS display with a resolution of 1920x1080. you'll experience exceptional clarity and color accuracy from any angle. you can enjoy crystal-clear visuals even in brightly lit environments. Whether you're working, studying, or connecting with loved ones, this laptop offers a visually immersive and convenient solution


Unleash Powerful Computing with Intel J4125 Chipset

This powerful processor delivers seamless multitasking, speedy web browsing, and impressive visuals for all your computing needs. With the Intel J4125 chipset, It offers incredible responsiveness and faster performance


Experience Lightning-Fast Performance with 8GB Memory and 512GB SSD Storage

Experience unparalleled speed and efficiency with our notebook's 8GB memory configuration.

Whether you're working on complex projects, running multiple applications simultaneously,

or simply need a laptop that can keep up with your fast-paced lifestyle,

our 8GB memory will exceed your expectations.


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