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Founded in 2016, Shenzhen Guoruitong Technology Co., Ltd.  is a company focusing on the definition, research and development, production and sales of mini computers, notebook computers, portable displays, network set-top boxes, projectors and other products.

We are recognized in the industry for our integrity, strength and product quality.

       We have an experienced R&D team, covering hardware circuits, wiring, debugging, and the implementation of software underlying drivers and upper layer application functions.

With our professional knowledge and technical strength, we can provide the following business services:

A. ODM service: Customized development according to customer needs, including comprehensive support such as mold design, electronic components, software development, manufacturing and packaging.

B. OEM service: On the basis of existing products, sell according to customer needs to provide products that meet customer needs.

C. Marketing and promotion of GXMO brand products: We actively promote the products of our own brand GXMO to provide consumers with a reliable and recognized choice.

Our corporate philosophy is to create trustworthy and recognized products for global consumers through management innovation, technological innovation and market innovation.

We are proud of the ultra-mini product size, while providing an excellent technical experience.

--Super mini size, carrying super technical experience.

Professional production of MINI PC/MICROPC, Accepting OEM/ODM customization



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